Boilerplate Bedrock for WordPress modern development

Bedrock is a modern project structure for WordPress developed by the Roots team. It’s a framework of sorts for WordPress sites that provides a more modern and secure way to organize WordPress projects.

Bedrock uses several new technologies and development practices, such as Composer, Git, and an enhanced file structure, to make managing and deploying WordPress sites easier and more efficient.

The key advantages of Bedrock are

Improved security: Bedrock uses additional layers of protection, such as “Salt” and “Vault”, to protect data, as well as providing a more secure way to store sensitive information.

Better dependency management: Bedrock uses Composer, which manages dependencies such as plugins and libraries, providing more efficient management and updating.

Enhanced file system organization: Bedrock uses an extended file structure that makes file management easier and more organized.

Easier deployment and management: Bedrock simplifies the deployment of WordPress projects and their management, reducing time and decreasing errors.

Git support: Bedrock can be used with Git, making the development and deployment process easier and more efficient.

Overall, Bedrock by Roots for WordPress is a tool that helps improve the security and manageability of WordPress sites, as well as making the process of developing and deploying projects easier and more efficient.

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