WordPress posting automatisations

I offer the service of integrating and configuring the Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) plugin from NextScripts for your WordPress website. This plugin give several benefits for your website, including:

Time-saving automation: SNAP allows for automatic posting of your website’s content to multiple social media platforms, saving you time and effort.

Increased audience reach: With support for over 30 popular social media networks, SNAP helps you reach a wider audience by publishing your content to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Customizable posting options: SNAP provides a wide range of posting options, including the ability to choose which social networks to publish to, formatting options, image settings, hashtag support, and more.

Multiple account support: You can configure multiple accounts for each social network, allowing you to post your content to multiple accounts simultaneously.

WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite support: SNAP integrates with WooCommerce and WordPress Multisite, making it easy to automatically post messages about new products or services to social media.

Post statistics: SNAP provides post statistics, allowing you to track the number of posts, views, and other useful information.

Custom post type support: SNAP supports custom post types, enabling you to publish posts with various content types, including video, audio, and more.

Integrating and configuring the SNAP plugin will not only save you time and effort, but it will also help increase your website’s visibility and reach, ultimately resulting in increased engagement and traffic.

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