Viktor Malygin
wordpress developer & seo consultant
WordPress custom themes development with a unique design and additional functionality

I’m full stack WordPress developer and you can hire me as

WordPress frelancer for website development and design

If you are looking for a Russian WordPress frelancer to bring your website vision to life. I can help you because I'm experienced WordPress developer specializes in website development and design, utilizing the all modern functions of WordPress to create stunning, user-friendly websites. Let me transform your ideas into an engaging online presence. Contact me for professional WordPress development services

WordPress developer for custom theme development

If you are looking for a skilled WordPress developer for top-notch custom theme development. I can delivers tailored WordPress solutions to enhance your website's functionality, design, and user experience. Get the perfect blend of creativity and functionality with my WordPress custom themes development service

WordPress developer for block theme development

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with my expert block theme development service. Enhance your site's functionality and design with custom Gutenberg blocks tailored to your unique needs. I can to bring your vision to life and deliver a seamless user experience. Modernize your WordPress website with my top-notch block theme development service

WordPress developer for Gutenberg block development

I provide professional Gutenberg block development services for your WordPress website. I specializes in creating custom, individual Gutenberg blocks tailored to your specific needs. Enhance your WordPress website functionality and design with custom Gutenberg block development solutions. Contact me to transform your website with Gutenberg blocks and React

Remote WordPress developer in Russia for collaboration

I will be your dedicated Russian WordPress developer offering top-notch skills and expertise in remote collaboration. Passionate about crafting visually stunning and highly functional websites, I bring a wealth of knowledge in WordPress customization, theme development, and plugin integration. With a strong attention to detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, I strive to create seamless user experiences that meet and exceed client expectations. Let's collaborate remotely and bring your WordPress project to life

Remote Full Stack WordPress Developer in Russia

I as Full Stack WordPress developer offer WordPress development service for companies and private clients. My services include: custom WordPress theme development; plugin creation; web design services; SEO optimization of sites; security hardening and updates; WooCommerce store setup and management; site speed optimizations; content creation and blog setup; and maintenance plans to keep your WordPress site running smoothly. With over 10 years experience with WordPress, PHP and React. As expirienced Full Stack WordPress developer in Russia i promise that i can implement your ideas on your website.

Russian WordPress developer for website maintenance

I'm experienced Russian WordPress Developer offering top-notch website maintenance services. Enhance your online presence with reliable support, timely updates, and seamless functionality. Get tailored solutions to optimize your WordPress website and ensure its smooth operation. I can help your maintenance needs efficiently

Russian WordPress freelancer for content migration

I'm experienced Russian WordPress freelancer specializing in content migration. Meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of WordPress architecture ensure smooth and efficient transfers of website content. Expertise in handling large volumes of data, preserving SEO rankings, and maintaining overall website functionality

Russian developer for WordPress website support

I'm Russian WordPress developer specializing in website support, I bring expertise and proficiency to help enhance your online presence. With a deep understanding of WordPress, I offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique requirements. From plugin installations and theme customizations to troubleshooting and optimization, I am committed to delivering top-notch assistance. Trust in my technical prowess and attention to detail as I work diligently to ensure your WordPress website remains secure, efficient, and visually stunning

Russian WordPress expert for website security measures

As a highly skilled and experienced Russian WordPress expert, I specialize in implementing robust security measures for websites. With a deep understanding of WordPress vulnerabilities and advanced knowledge of security best practices, I provide comprehensive solutions to safeguard your website from potential threats. Trust me to protect your online presence with my expertise in website security, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your WordPress site

WordPress developer for performance optimization

I'm experienced WordPress developer specializing in performance optimization. Boosting website speed and efficiency to deliver exceptional user experiences. Implementing best practices, optimizing code, and leveraging caching techniques for lightning-fast loading times. Enhancing SEO rankings and conversion rates through superior website performance. Let's collaborate to unlock your website's full potential

WordPress developer for website speed optimization

As a skilled WordPress developer specializing in website speed optimization, I possess the expertise to enhance your website's performance and ensure lightning-fast loading times. With a deep understanding of WordPress architecture and optimization techniques, I employ proven strategies such as code optimization, caching, and image compression to significantly improve your website's speed and overall user experience. Trust me to streamline your WordPress site and deliver a seamless browsing experience that keeps your visitors engaged and boosts your online presence

WordPress developers for custom feature implementation

If you are looking for skilled WordPress developer to implement custom features on your website. I As an experienced freelancer to specialize in creating tailored solutions for WordPress, bringing your unique ideas to life. From plugin development to theme customization, I can seamlessly integrate custom features that enhance user experience and meet your specific requirements. Trust me to provide reliable and efficient WordPress development services that will elevate your website to the next level. Contact me today for a consultation and let's turn your vision into reality

WordPress developer for website analytics integration

I'm experienced WordPress developer specializing in website Google analytics and Yandex metrika integration. Enhance your online presence and gain valuable insights by integrating powerful analytics tools into your WordPress website. Boost your performance, track user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your online strategy. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of your website and drive measurable results.

Russian developer for WordPress multisite network setup

Experienced Russian developer specializing in WordPress multisite network setup. With a deep understanding of WordPress architecture and extensive knowledge of multisite configurations, I can efficiently create and optimize a scalable network tailored to your specific needs. From installation and plugin integration to domain mapping and user management, I ensure seamless functionality and robust performance. Trust me to streamline your WordPress multisite setup, empowering your online presence with flexibility and efficiency

Russian WordPress developer for multilingual website

I'm experienced Russian WordPress Developer specializing in creating dynamic, multilingual websites. With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of WordPress, I bring your vision to life while ensuring seamless functionality and optimal user experience. Fluent in both Russian and English, I excel at building websites that cater to diverse audiences, delivering high-quality, localized content. Whether you need a custom theme, plugin development, or site optimization, I provide reliable solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Let's collaborate to elevate your online presence and reach a global audience

WordPress developer for custom user role management

I'm experienced WordPress Developer specializing in custom user role management. Enhance your website's functionality by implementing tailored user roles and permissions. Optimize user experience and streamline content access with expertly crafted WordPress solutions. Let's collaborate to create a seamless and secure user management system for your WordPress website

Russian WordPress expert for SEO optimizations

I'm Russian WordPress expert specializing in SEO optimizations, I am dedicated to helping businesses enhance their online presence and achieve higher search engine rankings. With my extensive knowledge of WordPress development and proficiency in search engine optimization techniques, I provide tailored solutions to boost website visibility, increase organic traffic, and maximize conversion rates. Trust in my expertise to optimize your WordPress website, improve its performance, and propel your business to new heights in the digital realm

Russian WordPress freelancer for SEO plugin configuration

I am a skilled Russian WordPress freelancer specializing in SEO plugin configuration, like Yoast or RankMath. With my expertise, I can optimize your website to achieve higher search engine rankings, attract more organic traffic, and improve your online visibility. From keyword research and on-page optimization to XML sitemap generation and meta tag implementation, I ensure that your WordPress website is fully optimized for search engines. Trust me to enhance your website's performance and drive targeted traffic to help your business thrive in the digital landscape

WordPress developer for schema markup implementation

I'm skilled WordPress developer specializing in schema markup implementation, I help websites enhance their online visibility and improve search engine rankings. With expertise in crafting structured data, I optimize your website's content to ensure search engines understand and display it accurately. By implementing schema markup, I enhance your website's appearance in search results, increasing click-through rates and driving targeted traffic. Let's collaborate to amplify your online presence and boost your website's performance through effective schema markup implementation.

WordPress developer for payment gateway integration

I'm experienced WordPress developer specializing in payment gateway integration, I provide tailored solutions for businesses in Russia. With a deep understanding of WordPress and expertise in integrating secure and efficient payment gateways, I help my clients streamline their online transactions and enhance their e-commerce capabilities. Whether you're a small startup or an established company, I can assist you in seamlessly integrating payment gateways into your WordPress website, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process for your customers. Trust me to deliver reliable and scalable solutions that meet your specific requirements while adhering to the highest industry standards. Let's collaborate and take your online business to the next level.

WordPress developer for email marketing integration

I as a skilled WordPress developer specializing in email marketing integration, I strive to enhance your online presence and boost your email marketing campaigns. With a deep understanding of WordPress functionality and email marketing platforms, I offer seamless integration solutions tailored to your specific needs. From designing eye-catching email templates to implementing automated workflows, I ensure a cohesive and efficient system that maximizes your engagement and conversions. Partner with me to unlock the full potential of your WordPress website and take your email marketing strategy to new heights.

WordPress experts for third-party API integrations

I am a seasoned WordPress expert specializing in third-party API integrations. With years of experience, I possess a deep understanding of WordPress development and a knack for integrating diverse APIs flawlessly. From payment gateways to social media platforms, I excel at bridging the gap between your WordPress website and external services, ensuring smooth data transfer and optimal functionality. Trust me to streamline your online presence and unlock the true potential of your website with my expertise in WordPress and third-party API integrations

WordPress developer for booking systems integrating

I as an experienced WordPress developer, I specialize in seamlessly of booking systems integrating into websites. I am dedicated to providing efficient solutions that enhance the functionality and user experience of your WordPress site. Let me help you streamline your booking process and optimize your online presence. Contact me today to discuss your project requirements and take your website to the next level

Russian WordPress developer for live chat integrating

I'm experienced Russian WordPress developer specializing in live chat integration. Boost engagement and customer satisfaction by adding a personalized touch to your website. Enhance user experience with real-time communication and quick support. Let's collaborate to create an interactive and user-friendly platform that drives conversions and builds lasting relationships
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Dedicated WordPress developer in Russia and how to integrate him into your team

In today’s interconnected world, remote work has become increasingly common, enabling companies to build diverse and globally distributed teams. When it comes to integrating a remote dedicate WordPress developer in Russia into an international team, there are various tools available that facilitate seamless collaboration, communication, and project management. In this article, we will explore som…
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How to hire WordPress Developer in Russia and reduct cost of your project

In today’s digital age, finding the right talent for your WordPress development remote projects is crucial for success. The global marketplace offers a wealth of skilled professionals, including those from Russia, who can contribute to your website’s growth and functionality. The article helps you understand such process as how to hire WordPress developer in Russia…
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How to find a WordPress developer in Russia for remote work

When it comes to building a professional and functional website, many individuals and businesses turn to WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems available. If you’re looking for a skilled dedicated WordPress developer in Russia to bring your web projects to life, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how…
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